Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Hmmm....what to do when it rains?

Baseball practice was cancelled, neighbor kids were all indoors, the yard too soggy to play in, and it's still drizzling outside. What shall we do? The question was quickly answered when my sister-in-law and her son stopped by with a box full of "micro-machines." They were cleaning out toys and closets today, and were ready to part with these tiny (and I mean very tiny...about an inch long) little vehicles. There must have been 50 or more assorted vehicles from planes, cars, trucks, army vehicles & tiny men to go with. It was a dream come true for the kids here, and an answered prayer for a mom who was struggling with creative ideas for entertaining the troops after we've been spoiled by warmer weather and entire evenings outdoors. Each of the kids chose a handful, and proceeded to the basement. Alice, Emma, Sam and Grace combined theirs to form an entire city. Paper, scissors, lots of tape, crayons, a little creativity, in no time had them designing and building a micro-machine mega-plex that covered more than 12 feet of desk space in the basement. Roads, airports, parking lots, and more...it kept them entertained for over an hour (with no arguing!!!)

So grateful to Eddie for parting with these treasures, and for a wonderfully peaceful evening indoors.

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Anonymous said...

Gotta love "new" toys and the entertainment value the provide...not to mention a peaceful hour for mom!! It is amazing how quickly they get bored when they can't be outside or don't have something going on for the evening. Sounds like it might be hit and miss with rain for the rest of the week also. Good luck!