Thursday, April 2, 2009

thunder cake, thunder storm, thunder thighs?

It just so happens that there's one little man in this house who's terribly frightened by thunder. Just as the kids were settling down before bed, we saw a few good flashes of lightening, followed by some rumbles of thunder. That was it. I was definitely snuggling in between Charlie and Frank tonight. I didn't mind a bit! I'm not sure if it was the late night I was up last night, the busy day at work today, or all the fresh air thanks to our gorgeous weather this afternoon/evening...but I am wiped out tonight. I wedged in between Charlie and Frank and fell asleep quicker than they did, I think. I spent about an hour with them, and now I can't seem to get myself motivated to do much of anything. Fortunately, we ate supper outside at the picnic table tonight, so the kitchen doesn't need straightened. I have the washer and dryer running, and several baskets of clean laundry waiting to be folded, but I think that's gonna have to wait till tomorrow.
Funny coincidence, Sam brought home a recipe from school today for "Grandma's Thunder Cake." It came from his reading text book, with a story about a delicious cake grandma would bake to keep the grandkids busy, and less anxious about the storm outside. I baked the cake tonight for supper, and it was delicious! (A chocolate cake that calls for pureed tomatoes of all things, with a chocolate buttercream frosting. Yumm!) While it was a culinary success, it did nothing to ease the fears tonight. Guessing it would make more sense to call it Thunder-Thigh Cake. I best not have another piece before bed...perhaps for lunch tomorrow. Sweet dreams all!


Barb said...

thunder thigh cake...hahaha....I love it! I wish I could have a piece right now...sounds yummy!

Anonymous said...

I would dive right in to the cake--great source of veggies, right?