Wednesday, April 8, 2009

another busy (blessed) day.

I'm not getting far on my to-do list this week (closet organizing), but I'm not complaining because that means John is doing quite well on his. You see, we can't both be busy doing our own thing...there's a team here that requires managing. So, while John's been very busy updating our upstairs bathroom (making it usable again) I've been keeping the young ones entertained. Yesterday he got the old toilet torn out and replaced with a new high-powered, can't clog it, super flusher (trip #1 to Lowes) and today, he tore out the old wall mounted sink. This was no simple fix, it required tearing into the walls a bit thanks to the older plumbing in the house but he got things repaired nicely and is ready to install a new sink/vanity (trip #2 to Lowes.) I need to do a little drywall repair tonight, and after a 3rd trip to Lowes tomorrow (cause the sink didn't come with the drain) we should be all set. We've been blessed with a wonderful neighbor who's experience and kindness has proved invaluable and I think John's learning a lot in the process.
The six oldest kids attended an egg hunt and movie at our Parish Center this evening. They hunted for "Resurrection Eggs" and then watched a movie that explained the items found inside the eggs. They seemed to enjoy it, and it was cute to hear Mary open one of her eggs and explain very softly and gently what was inside. With a serious expression, "This egg has a piece of cloth in it mom....the kind of cloth they placed Jesus in after he died." What a great way for kids to hear and relate to the Passion and Resurrection. I hope this becomes an Easter tradition at our church for the kids. If not, I think I've now got a complete set of the eggs, I'll have to start a tradition of our own.
Better get, I have a bucket of drywall mud calling my name... Peaceful night all!


Anonymous said...

Funny, because Nate said something like "these are the things the mean people used to kill Jesus" (of his cross and sword, presumably not the cup).
We assumed this was probably the normal almost-5 boy take on the lesson and items (hopefully...)

jamie said...

Definitely a boy thing!!! I have two little guys here, who have both noticed, and now look for and point out the station at church where Jesus is nailed to the cross. They're facinated with "the guy with the hammer."