Tuesday, April 28, 2009

boys and their cars...

We were outside enjoying the weather a couple Saturday's back...some shooting hoops, a few in the sandbox, others on scooters and bikes, when a friend and former classmate of John's pulled in the driveway in his beautiful black Porsche convertible. The two men chatted briefly, then went for a spin, and returned shortly for more tire-kicking, under the hood peaking man chatter. I did my best to keep kids (and bats, scooters, balls, and other fender-denters) as far away from the car as possible. I had to laugh though when 3 year old Charlie wandered up to the two "big boys," hands in his pocket and stutttered "Yeah, yeah, but Dad, those are nice tires."
You can say that again, Charlie. Nice tires, indeed. Too cute.

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Anonymous said...

---talking about tires...do you know what I get to spend my tax returns on this year? Yup, tires!! Yipee!! (sarcasm)