Monday, April 6, 2009

Entering into Holy Week

I'm looking out the kitchen window now, and can see snow on my patio furniture! Something's very wrong with that!! I should have known when we cleaned the shed and hauled it all out this past Saturday, that we'd certainly not seen the last of the white stuff. In a way the snow seems fitting for the day. As we enter into Holy Week, the cold and snow forces us (at least at our house) to stay in, and slow it down a bit again. I hear the boys hammering away with their play tools in the basement, and the girls are hiding out in a tent in their bedroom. John's home this week due to a plant shutdown. I have quite a list planned for him, from fixing a sink and toilet in the upstairs bathroom, to replacing the boards on our picnic table outside. Not to worry, I have my own list as well. It's change of season again, and that means time to start working through all the kids closets to resort and reorganize. And of course a list for the complete and tie up loose ends on all of their lenten projects...mail off a check from all of the pizza money we saved, fill with treats and distribute our Easter grass pots, make cards for and distribute the rosaries they made, etc. It's bound to be a busy week. I'll try to keep you posted along the way.

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only one said...

I'm hoping I started my Holy Week correctly, by attending Palm Sunday mass and then attending my community's tri-parish reconciliation service. I felt wonderful when I got home, but had to remind myself already where I had been last night. A slow down is in order in this house also. It was nice to look at the calendar and find there is nothing pressing until our comittment for Holy Thursday mass of washing feet and being a eucharistic minister. Thanks for your posts throughout lent, I really look forward to reading the blog. Happy Holy Week.