Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Go green!

Nearly forgot, tomorrow's Earth Day...you have any plans? I wonder if Hallmark is selling cards for this one? perhaps on recycled organic paper?
Okay, so I can be a bit cynical when it comes to all the hype about global warming and saving Mother Earth. It doesn't mean I'm completely careless, but I will still use paper plates, disposable diapers, and chemical-laiden cleaning products if they're cheap and work well. I do reuse and recycle lots of clothes, limit electronics usage, and have the kids (mostly) trained to turn lights off when they leave the room.
Alice and Emma brought home miniature blue spruce trees to plant in honor of the occasion. (Miniature is an understatement...one false move, and a tumble from Lucy would have them snapped off in an instant....even a squirrel could take 'em down.) But we made a big hoopla about planting them, and in 15 years or so, when even the youngest of our brood have too much of an attitude to help, I'll decorate the darn things with lights and tinsel at Christmas time, reminiscing about how we had to get them in the ground immediately, and how the kids tracked mud all over the kitchen after "helping" dad plant them. Yup, good times.
I'm thinking in honor of the big day tomorrow, I'm gonna shut down the kitchen. No stove, microwave or oven for the day. Hmm. Wonder how that will sit with the crew. Salads for lunch, PB&J for supper. It may not do much to reduce my carbon footprint, but it keeps me from having to cook for a day. It's a win-win situation, I think.


Anonymous said...

OK--another comment from me! Yes, we must be on at the same time trying to catch-up on the computer.

I'm not one to preach about recycling, volcanoes do more damage to the planet than anything else!!

We too planted the little tiny tree Catherine brought home--dad will forget that it's there and will probably run over it with the lawn mower.

---I stopped recycling when the head of our center shamed me becasue I was 15min. late in dropping off our bags. I got mad and haven't recycled since.

Anonymous said...

Great idea Jamie on the no cooking!! Actually it works today since it is the band dinner - the first time we have gotten tickets so I am excited, I will help save the earth today as well! (too bad the food comes in stryofoam packeages - guess it makes it even - dave the earth, ruin the earth!) Amy, I feel your pain at the "center". We are about to paper - rocks - scissors on who has to take ours!!! Can't wait until the kids have their license then we can put that job on them!!!

Anonymous said...

I admit we do recycle. We pay for trash by the bag and it's always a challenge to keep it to 1 bag a week. Hubby takes recycling with him to his work which takes more than our local recycling does. I also love Krogers grocery bags. I look like a nut job carrying 8 bags in to the store with me but I get sooooo sick of those plastic grocery bags multiplying under the stove top. Still trying to talk hubby into CF light bulbs. We have them in the bath so far. I'm sure there is a lot more I could do with the electronics but that seems like a hassle.

Ann said...

Wow. Guess I'm lucky I'm a "city girl" now. We have a special green container to put recycles in. We set both trash and recycles by the curb and Waste Management picks them up. However, it takes two different trucks. Wonder if the footprints of two trucks is offset by the recycling they pick up? Just a little global warming cynical myself.

Anonymous said...

I love our earth, global warming not so much, quite the joke I think. So, no green for me. Just another reason for almighty government to tax us beyond control! We did successfully plant our Charlie Brown tree, hope it has a long life, but not holding my breath :)