Tuesday, April 28, 2009

coffee talk

I became mometarily frustrated this morning, when I reached for some ice cubes to make iced coffee (it's muggy here today!) and found the ice cube trays empty. Uggh. I remembered Alice filling water bottles for softball practice last night, and suspect her to be the guilty party. As I mumbled my frustrations outloud, it occured to me that this is probably the first time she'd ever filled water bottles herself, at least with ice cubes from the tray (our ice maker crashed since last summer, so we've resorted to making our own cubes.) Anyhow, rather than get upset, I smiled recognizing it as one more life lesson I need to teach. As they grow, we are constantly needing to train, mold, teach, and adapt our lessons to what they need to know at any given time. Knowing how to refill the ice tray may not change their lives, but it teaches courtesy and responsibility which is something that will carry them through their entire lives.
As I thought more about it, I couldn't help but smile, and wonder if God has the same feelings at times as we grow in our faith lives, and need new lessons, new reminders along the way. Just as it wasn't necessary to teach Alice and Emma how to make ice cubes before it became an issue, I'm certain there are many things that "come up" in our lives that require new lessons, or opportunites for growth. How wonderful to know that He is there, waiting to provide us with those opportunities for learning, giving us gifts to carry us through. My dad used to joke with us when we'd pry for information..."You're on a need to know basis, and right now you don't need to know!" he'd tell us. I think at times, God must have the same philosophy...when we need to know, He'll tell us. Peaceful day to you all!