Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Night Fever

Another beautiful Indian Summer day!
The girls had their first Little Flowers meeting after school till 5. They came home full of excitement and stories of their day. They seemed most excited about their "craft project" which was to make St. Therese sacrifice beads like these. I caught all of the girls looking for opportunities to help out this evening so they might slide a bead over, marking the "sacrifice." The boys did their homework in a quiet house, and then helped me pack up a simple dinner for one last picnic in the park. I couldn't stand to stay in on such a gorgeous day. As soon as nappers awoke and the girls arrived home, we drove over to Ft. Loramie park. We dined on PB&J, homemade zucchini muffins, Fritos and red Gatorades. (Not much balance there, but it is what was available, quick and convenient. (Walmart had the Gatorade in their clearance section for next-to-nothin' last week when I was there...otherwise something we don't keep in the house.) The kids were THRILLED to have their own plastic bottle with lids...big kid drinks, not koolaid in plastic cups.
We returned home to some chores, showers, girls finishing up homework and as usual a little television time to wind down before bed. Tonight however, our VCR was acting up (i.e. "eating tapes") so we turned music on instead. The kids took turns entertaining the rest of us with various dance numbers. It was far from "winding down" time, but hilarious and fun way to end the evening. Lucy was most silly, spinning and jumping like she had ants in her pants. And of course she didn't mind being the center of attention. A little popcorn after the music ended and kids were ready for bed.
The house is quiet now, and after spending most of last (late) evening hours folding laundry, I'm taking a break tonight. It feels good to sit in silence. No tv, no radio, no kids arguing. Just silence. It's quite conducive to hearing what God is trying to get through my sometimes thick skull.
Yep, after all that noise, laughter, dancing & silliness...silence is good. Just gonna grab my rosary and listen.
Goodnight all.

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