Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloweiners!

(One of the kids recently read a book at school about a weiner dog on Halloween. I don't know any more about it, but the fact that kids keep hollaring out "Happy Hallo-weiner Dog!" It's making me a little crazy.)

So... these are my Hallo-wieners. Dressed and ready for their big night of trick-or-treating last evening. We had beautiful fall weather. No rain, thank goodness! Sam was a little apprehensive about dressing up this year, and said he just wanted to stay home and help pass out treats, but thanks to a last minute, dollar-store mask he decided to stop at a few of our neighbors homes. I was glad he decided to go out if even for only a few minutes. He was back home with me in no time, while an older neighbor girl brought the other little ones around. Alice and Emma had a little more freedom to venture off with friends this year, and managed to have a great time as well.

I have to say that the hour or two leading up to the magic moment when kids burst out the door for treats, is mayhem to say the least. Do you all experience that same anticipaton/excitement/chaos? They rush home from school to finish off their homework. Then it's "How much longer mom?" for the rest of the evening. We scramble through supper (I cheated, and ordered in pizza this year.) trying to tidy as we go, just in case someone stops by and wants to actually come in and visit. Once supper is over and cleared, we begin planning the "schedule" of costumes and makeup so that everyone gets dressed in time, and that nobody is ready too soon. Being ready too soon, only exacerbates the anxiety and frustration. This year the older kids were able to help get the younger ones dressed into their very simple costumes, and only a few required "hair and make-up." But neighbor kids were swarming the yards, just waiting for that first porchlight to go on. Once our kids realized the other kids were out...everyone had to be out. Lots of nervous pacing on the driveway...waiting, and more waiting. 3 more minutes. "Mom, can we go yet?! Everyone else is starting!" Porchlights come on 1 by 1, and the kids are off.
Before long, we're all back together at home again, loading up the van to visit grandparents and Dad at work.
We arrive home again late, needing showers and a little quiet to allow them to come down off the ceiling.

Oh, so glad it's over for another year.

Happy Hallo-weiner Dogs!

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Beth said...

Jamie~I was just thinking of how crazy your house must be the hour or so before trick-or-treating! Every year I hope it will go smoothly, no tantrums (by my kids, either), but every year it's the same...rush rush rush! Never fails. Your kids looked adorable and I'm glad they had a great time!