Friday, October 23, 2009

If it were this simple...

I'd have tried it on myself long ago.

We were discussing halloween, and more important to the kids, trick-or-treat, coming up next week. Everyone seems to be coming up with clever (and thankfully simple) ideas for what they want to dress as this year. Little John though, he's been struggling. Until today, that is. He suggested, "Mom, you can just by that 'invisible spray' and spray my head invisible, and I can go as the headless horseman." Umm. "Yeah John, that'd be really cool. Do you think it'd work?" I played along.
"Sure." He says. "And when we're done you just spray me down with water like Mr. Crab did to Sponge Bob."

Umm. Okay. I'll have to check for that next time I'm at Walmart. sounds handier than hiding out in the bathroom to "just breathe." Imagine what I could get done...invisible!

God love him.


Beth said...

Ooooh...the possibilities! I'd love to be invisible to see what my pre-teens are up to! On second thought, maybe I'd rather not!!! Might be more than my little heart can take! Really, they're pretty good girls...but sometimes I worry!

Cute idea, John! You'd make millions if you could only figure out how to make it!

Anonymous said...

When I read about the invisible spray I knew exactly where he got that from---too cute!!

BTW--Beth I saw a few pre-teen this evening at Wal-Mart having a scavenger hunt, I think the point is that you find what's on the list then ditch the cart when you find everything. Yup, that and ding dong ditching is on my list for my kids NOT TO DO!!!

Beth said...

My girls are into toiletpapering right now, which I also hate. Why waste perfectly good (and expensive) toiletpaper on trees! Besides, I find out after the fact that some parents bring the kids to other girls' houses that weren't invited to the "party." THAT REALLY MAKES ME MAD! Why not just rub salt in the wound of not being included? I told my girls they could only get the boys in their class (and not to be mean, but just for fun) and to leave the girls alone. But they get made fun of if they don't go with the flow. I really want to have a talk with them, but my daughter would D-I-E and never tell me anything ever again! What to do??? I don't want her to be left out, but it really infuriates me when girls are mean to other girls! I am planning on letting her have a party, but refuse to exclude any of the girls. I keep trying to get her to see it from the ones getting left out point of view, but she's feeling stuck in the middle of "fitting in" and being nice! UGH!

Any suggestions, ladies? Any books you know of that can help me deal with this sticky situation? I'm not quite sure how to deal with it!