Sunday, October 18, 2009

just monkeying around

It was a gorgeous autumn Sunday today. After all the rain, and cold gray days we've had lately, it was a real treat to be outside enjoying the weather. And that's just what we did. The kids spent much of the afternoon either in the trees or under them, raking & shaking leaves to play in and toss around before finally pushing them to the curb. John's brother and sister-in-law came in from Sandusky and we enjoyed the afternoon in the sun, watching all the kids play.

And this next one...this is why I have gray hair!!!! Yep, that's Emma in the very top branches...not a lick of fear in her!

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Beth said...

I love the pic of your little guy SHOVELING leaves! Too cute! Maybe a rake is in cards for a future b-day present!?!?!?!?!