Friday, October 16, 2009

my lightbulb moment

It occured to me this evening, that I need to be a little better about providing the kids with structured activities once in awhile. (i.e crafts, games, etc.) The free-thinking, use-your-imagination play is a GOOD thing, except that is, when it leads 4 toddlers to remove all the lightbulbs from the lamps in the basement to use as "light-sabers."
Who on earth, removes and plays with lightbulbs?! (My kids.)

That's it. No more Star Wars movies from the library.


Beth said...

CREATIVE! I think their imaginations are working JUST FINE! BTW...I found a foam light-up sword at the Dollar Tree store for my son. They were only a dollar each (obviously since I was at the Dollar store). Might be a good, safe alternative to lightbulb lightsabers! ;)

lisa said...

Jamie, my kids are the exact same way....they are never bored but the things they cook up! Chris and I were just talking about how empathetic we feel for the family who thought their kid was in the helium balloon...We have heard people say "really what kind of kid would do that and then climb into an attic to hide?"....we just