Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Hey kids, how was your day?

Serving up snacks, old school.

I can't be alone when I say my kids come home from school HUNGRY! They eat lunch before noon, so by 3:30 they're likely to nibble a finger or two if I don't have some sort of snacks available. Often times someone is still wearing a backpack and jacket as they're reaching into the fridge for something to munch. No "Hey Mom! Whassup?!" Just "What is there to eat?!"

"Welcome home honey, I love you too...there are snacks in the cupboard."

As for those munchies...I'm constantly striving to come up with something healthy, filling...oh, and inexpensive doesn't hurt either. I've tried prepackaged crackers, fruit snacks (which don't even fill a bird's belly...and have nothing to do with real fruit), granola bars (which when flavored as 'smores or chocolate chunk...have very little to do with granola) and other convenience-type snacks, but they're expensive and usually leave the kids looking for seconds in no time. Apples and carrots are favorites, but not always what they're looking for. Today I pulled an old classic out of my I came home to many a childhood day...peanut butter on saltine crackers, with a side of hot cocoa (the hot cocoa wasn't so common place, but it sounded like a nice treat on this windy day). It was a hit. I can remember eating saltines with plain butter as a kid too, or even saltines crumbled in a bowl with milk. Yumm. My kids would gag and make faces if I suggested such a snack now. Any good after school snacking memories for you? And what are your kids eating to hold them through till supper? I'd love to hear some simple goodies.

an afterthought on hot cocoa...
I was thinking again about making hot chocolate at our house as kids. We never had marshmallows...I think those were only in the pantry of the very wealthy. Shoot. Who had a pantry, come to think of it ? I remember robbing those little tiny hard marshmallows out of the sugary cereals mom bought for us, to throw into our hot chocolate. (How pathetic is that?!) I can recall feeling as though I were sitting in the lap of luxury when, after helping my best friend deliver newspapers one cold day, her mom served us hot chocolate with REAL marshmallows. WOW! So that's how the other half lives.


Amy said...

We must have had the same parents...or at least the same mentality! I was just telling a coworker the other day about "cracker cereal"...saltine crackers flavored with a touch of honey and milk poured over top (she had never heard of such a thing). We ate that many nights when we were "starving" after supper. After school and evening snacks are a challenge, I agree. We try for the fruit and healthy things, but sometimes they need something different! Oh, by the way we never had marshmallows either!!

Beth said...

This is a cute post...we used to make sugar bread (sounds soooo gross now) by buttering a piece of bread and sprinkling sugar on it! Those were the days when Mom wasn't home and she didn't know what we were eating for an after-school snack! We also used to spread icing (chocolate or white) on graham crackers (made a "sandwich" out of them) and drink a cold glass of milk with them. Funny, I've never made that for my own kids. Microwave s'mores are also kids have eaten those on a few occassions. They particularly like watching the marshmallow get big in the microwave. A friend of mine used to make peanutbutter and marshmallow creme sandwiches. They were pretty good, too.

P.S. We never had marshmallows growing up either!

Book Lover said...

This post brought back memories of
saltines and PB. My kids like
to put grated cheese on a flour
torilla and put in the microwave.
Another one for cooler days is canned bisquit dough rolled in cinammon and sugar before baking.

YUM, I need a snack!! haha

Ann said...

How about oatmeal, dry with salt sprinkled on it? Or left over pie dough sprinkled with cinnamon and sugar and baked. Yum.

Beth said... Mom still makes those with her leftover pie dough. We always called them "snails" because she'd roll them up and they looked like a snail shell. They're still my favorite!

Anonymous said...

peanut butter on graham crackers are a GREAT treat at our house. it's seems to be an even better treat if the 3 and 5 year old get to "make" them. yes it is a little more work for me, but the pride they have is well worth it.

Anonymous said...

we just had to conversation at work yesterday. most of the table remembering the packaging that Hostess Ding Dong's used to come in. i had to laugh, "we didn't have those" we had homemade cupcakes and milk and no marshmellows, come to think of it, my kids haven't had hostess ding dong's either (all i can say is YUCK)
good for you for saying away from those pre-packaged calorie killers!!!

Lisa said...

Another fun...sweet treat is making "elephant ears" just throw some flour tortilla shells in a skillet (a little oil) let them bubble for a few seconds. Take them out and sprinkle cinnamon/sugar mixture on them. It taste remarkably similar to the ones at the fair...really cheap too. I am not sure how nutritionally sound they are.

My kids are big eaters (I know hard to believe by the size) but they love Ramen noodles as an after school "snack".

Anonymous said...

Ghost Toast - Toast with butter and powdered sugar!

Anonymous said...

I love your posts. The simplest things like after school snacks bring back warm memories of growing up. Your peanut butter and crackers post reminded me of when I was about 10 or 11. I had my whole night planned. I made my own snack of peanut butter and crackers and then went "downstairs" and watched the once yearly showing of the Wizard of Oz all by myself. I remember making it thru the flying monkey scene without being scared and feeling so grown up. It all makes me giggle now. Thank you for that.

Anonymous said...

My boy's like a little snack ants on a log, peanut butter on celery with a few rasins.