Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Little Charlie Nutkin

Mary, John and Charlie began preschool/kindergarden religion classes this past Sunday. Instead of attending mass with the rest of us, they join with other kids their age in a classroom setting to learn more about Jesus, and our faith. They were all very excited to begin, especially Charlie who asked over breakfast that morning if he'd meet any "pretty girls." (oh my.)
Anhow, Charlie's classroom activities involved cutting and pasting a little construction paper acorn with a message attached that read 'Your child is like a little acorn. As they grow, learn and feel God's love, they will grow in faith like the mighty oak tree."
I thought this was adorable, and he was very proud of his work. We stopped at my parents house after church for our usual Sunday coffee and donuts, and Charlie was quick to show grandma his work. He asked excitedly "What's it say Grandma?" Without missing a beat, she laughed "It says you're NUTS!" (I nearly spewed my coffee!) Charlie loved it even more.
Honestly, I love the little message, and think it's a perfect little way to talk with our kids about their faith and it's potential as we surround ourselves with God's awesome Autumn wonders.


Beth said...

Your little Charlie is so adorable! I love that he wondered if he'd meet some pretty girls! Too cute! Don't you just love the classes for the little ones?

only one said...

I just love your mom. Always witty and great with the grandchildren. Charlie is something else. I might just have to drop by and get my squeeze fix from your children this weekend. No definite plans though.