Wednesday, October 14, 2009

simple smiles

One look out the window, and my day's plans stretched to include baking. So, when I stopped at the grocery for a couple of essentials I was really excited to find and try a new cookie mix from the dollar aisle. Does your local supermarket have a dollar section (yep, everything for a buck)? I like to sample things every now and then, and have been pleasantly surprised by several of my finds. Today was no exception. I found boxed sugar cookie mix, 2 for $1. Each box made roughly 2+ dozen cookies (I make mine a little small.) They were/are delicious!! Just add egg and butter, and voila. Oh, and of course you can't have sugar cookies without buttery decorator icing. And while we're at it, a little food coloring to make it more festive. Of course the cookies would have been just wonderful (and simple) with just the recommended dusting of sugar, or even colored sugar sprinkles, but we like a good icing here.
$1, 2 eggs, 1 1/2 sticks butter, 1 hour of my time (with little ones helping of course)...presto! Instant delicious treats.


Stacy said...

Gotta love that $1 aisle at Wagner's. The other day when I was there, I found boxes (12 count) of the shake-n-go drink mixes (the ones where you add the powder to a bottle of water). My kids love those when they pack their buckets at school on days they don't like what the cafeteria is having. The other thing I found was the $1 bag of Teddy Graham (generic) cookies. Kids love those as well, and it was a good size bag too! Gotta love a good deal!!!

jamie said...

We're fans of the generic Teddy Bear cookies, and also I love the Pita Chips...several flavors, I like the Multigrain. They're great on their own, but I think they'd be awesome with any sort creamy dip. I also buy some of their spices...imitation vanilla, Cinnamon Sugar mix (for toast in the morning), food coloring, etc. You're right, gotta love those deals!

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