Tuesday, October 13, 2009

I'm not a barber

...but I've been known to play one from time to time. Today was one such occasion. The boys here haven't had a good haircut for a couple months now, and are beyond shaggy. It's making my dad a bit crazy to see his grandsons with hair covering their ears. We typically keep the boys hair cut "high and tight." All except for Frank that is...he for some reason looks good in longer hair. Perhaps to cover the bumps and bruises he's always sporting on his forehead. Although, come to think of it, maybe he wouldn't bump into so many things if he could see where he was going. Hmmmm...thoughts to ponder.
Anyhow, with the colder weather, I was forced to cut hair in the bathroom rather than my usual spot on the back patio. Lucy seemed to love to sneak in and walk through the piles of hair...then track it back out through the hallway. Yikes. I much prefer keeping this mess outside. I even snuck in a trim for little Rose. This was the first time I've ever touched her ringlet curls. She's always begging me to, but I never know where to begin. Now at three years old, I thought it might not hurt to "trim" them a bit. She giggled with excitement as I began, but giggles turned to tears as she spotted the little pinwheel curls on the floor. My heart broke as she cried "Don't cut off all my curls mommy." I quickly showed her in the mirror how they sprung right back in to curls again, which helped. But I don't think she'll be asking me for a trim anytime soon.
Four little ones got haircuts today, and are looking quite spectacular I think. They may just be return customers...they surely can't beat the price, although they were quick to remind me I don't give out suckers like the real barber does!


stacie said...


I love the fact that I am not the only one cutting hair at home. But, I just found out that the new Studio 66 charges the age of the child, up to the age of 8 or when they start getting some sort of style to their hair.


Tania said...

Hey Jamie and Stacie - yep I am guilty of both as well. Used to cut hair at home for the girls, but now we go to Studio 66 (awesome that you only pay for their age!!!). I am bad though, the girls probably only get their haircut 2-3 times a year, guess that is the benefit of long hair that is all one length!!! Jamie - be warned when you cut Frank's hair!!! I also use clippers for Alex but all spring and summer I let his grow into the "shaggy surfer" look with his bleach blonde hair! I loved his hair longer but with him being in this family wedding coming up I decided we should trim him up!!! It was quite the process!!! Had to do the top first to get all that off, then did the bottom, then had to do the top again! He is now already due for another trim - UGH, that was the nice part about just letting it grow!!!! I also get the joy of cutting Aaron's hair - I keep asking for my payment but it just does not seem to happen!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jamie

I have 3 boys, and I cut their hair at home too. Plus, I cut my husband's sometimes too. It's funny you are posting this now, because I figured up last week how much I've saved over the course of their lives just by cutting their hair (it's short, no style really, but fine for now). I figured around $1100 savings for 8.5 years!! I was low on my estimations of time cut, and I even considered the clipper, blade, cape, and neck wrap costs. Nothing wrong with saving 1K!


Beth said...

I, too, cut my kids' hair at home. I'm sure I wouldn't go to get their hair cut nearly as often if I didn't do it myself. I am a liscenced cosmetologist (no longer work in a salon), though, and think all of you are so brave to tackle it at home! Clipper cuts are definitely the easiest, safest way to go! If anyone wants tips on cutting little girls' hair, just let me know. Maybe I should give a class to Moms who just want to know the easiest way to do it...!

Oh yeah, this post brings back memories of when my Mom used to cut our "bangs" at home...she'd put a piece of scotch tape on our bangs and cut ABOVE the tape! Less mess that way and served as a good guide to keep them straight. However, they'd sometimes end up a bit too short!

jamie said...

Love the scotch tape idea! Your mom was very clever.

I came to cutting hair the hard way...my then bachelor, younger brother showed up at my doorstep one Saturday afternoon many years ago (just hours before attending a wedding) saying he NEEDED a haircut, but everything was closed. He had purchased a clippers that came with an instructional video...gave me a half hour to watch the movie, and presto...I was cutting his hair. No pressure! I got to keep the clippers and he came back pretty regularly after that. Now he's married and goes to a real barber. But I still have the clippers for my kiddos, and a few years experience under my belt.

Tania said...

I remember my mom using a pink tape on our bangs and yep, they were short all right!!!! That is why my girls all have no bangs!!!!

Beth, I am joining on Jamie's post but would love a lesson on cutting girls hair! (BTW - is this the Beth I met at my sister-in-laws wedding at the bar????)

Jamie - sorry to jump into your blog, I really need to get my own up and running!!!!

jamie said...

Jump on in Tania. That's what it's here for.
But I agree. You DO have to get yours going. I keep checking in...

I know you have plenty to share...just have to make the time for it.

Beth said...

Yep, Tania, that's me! I'd love to give you a "lesson!" It's really pretty simple once you learn a few tricks. And no, I'm NOT talking about the scotch tape trick, either! I can't believe your Mom did that to you, too! ;)

Jamie-you started cutting hair the same way I did, except my guinea pig was my boyfriend. His mom always cut his hair and then he talked me into trying it. SCARY...I hadn't gone to Beauty school yet and had never used a clipper before! Let's just say it was a learning experience and that the darn clipper guard would fall off the clipper at very inconvenient times! I guess I didn't end up doing too bad of a job after all 'cause he ended up marrying me!