Thursday, October 1, 2009


Month of the Holy Rosary

We've been spending our days this week, sprucing up the yard a bit. Our community is hosting it's annual Oktoberfest this weekend, which brings folks in by the thousands. It's the perfect opportunity for pulling weeds, laying fresh mulch in the flower beds, and adding a few pumpkins and mums for decoration. As I was weeding around our grotto in the back, and laying some new (reclaimed) pavers around the roses, I realized that the white lights and spot light had been burned out for some time. We typically have our statue of the Blessed Mother well-lit throughout the nights. It has been a source of consolation and strength through those middle-of-the-night feedings or as I paced the floor with crying, sick little ones. One glance out of my kitchen window, and her beauty radiated through the night giving a sense of peace. A trip to the hardware for new lights quickly had her glowing again.

As I glanced out at her tonight, I was struck by how beautiful she looks with roses and geraniums still blooming, lights twinkling in the rain. I remembered that the timing was perfect too for it is October, the month of the Holy Rosary. May the statue serve again as a reminder each evening to end the day with prayer, in particular the rosary. I pray also that I can bring the kids a little closer to their Heavenly Mother by reinstituting the Family Rosary in the house.

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