Friday, January 9, 2009

with sincere gratitude...

We are so thankful for all the kind words, prayers, cards, meals and treats dropped by the house. Your kindness means so much. It's been a very difficult week as we mourn the loss of our new little one, and then waited for the time when we'd be able to hold our tiny angel.
And while that opportunity to hold him did not come, I did have the D&C today, and feel we can now begin to have some opportunity for closure, and healing.

We've decided to name the baby, and although I can never be certain, I've felt that it was a boy, and the name came easily. Every January 9th, our family will choose to honor the feast of our newest Saint in heaven, Cyril "Cy" Thomas Schmiesing.

My mom had given me a Prayer Book for Mothers for my birthday last month, and found comfort today in the words of this simple prayer to our new child in heaven:

Now that you, my precious baby,
are cradled in Our Father's arms,
please watch over us, your parents,
as we would have wanted to watch over you. Amen.


Anonymous said...

Jamie and Family-
You and your family are an inspiration to so many people including my family and me. We feel your pain like it was our own. I hope that you find comfort that you do now have a saint in heaven, as do we. Our sincerest thoughts and prayers our with your family...
Troy and Amy Grillot

Anonymous said...

I only have 9 on earth with one in heaven but I find so much comfort in the words on this awesome book that I got by mistake on time. It has been a real life saver. I love humor and it is full of it. You might enjoy it as well. The book is about the tales of a Catholic mother of 10. She wrote with love, faith and humor. I could relate to so much of what she wrote. I read it every pregnancy and any other time I might need a pick-me-up. The book is titled I Should Have Seen It Coming When The Rabbit Died, by Teresa Bloomingdale. One thing that Teresa was able to do in this book was to make us laugh at the craziness of a huge family, all wrapped in faith and appreciation for the Father. It was written some time ago but wonderful for all Catholic mom's of big families.