Tuesday, January 27, 2009

who are you?

In Charlie's defense, I'll admit there are plenty of times that Grace (6) and Mary (nearly 5) have me doing a double take to see who's who. Their matching long sandy blonde hair, and similar size can cause me confusion to say the least. Charlie had us all in stitches tonight though, as he tapped Mary on the shoulder and bluntly asked, "Who are you? Are you Grace or are you Mary?"
It was so innocent and cute. If you don't know...just ask.


Kurt H said...

My girls are easy to tell apart, but for some reason, I always seem to call them by the wrong name.

Barb said...

Too cute! How did Mary react?
Has the snow been falling up your way today?
God bless...

Barb said...

I hope you get to work safely. We still have power but it's now snowing like crazy. Poor Mark is still trying to dig his way out of our driveway. They say we should get another 4 - 6 inches and we could still lose our power.
A blessed day to you and your beautiful family...I hope they enjoy playing outside!

Father Schnippel said...

The best is when my identical twin brother's daughter confuses me for him.

I foresee long hours of therapy for that one.