Tuesday, January 13, 2009

a visit from the "cattle queen?"

Alice and Emma mentioned they had a visit from the "beef queen" to their classroom this week at school. I'm not sure what her official title is, but she's apparently the reigning royalty for the Auglaize County 4-H beef producers?.
Anyhow, she talked with them about 4-H and going to the fair, etc. Apparently she asked the question "If you could take any animal to the fair, what would it be?" Emma was quick to raise her hand and offer "I'd bring a hog!" and the why.... "because my twin sister says I live like one."
Emma thought it was so cool that the class roared with laughter. Her twin sister Alice was apparently "horrified" with embarrassment, that she was quoted in front of the whole class.

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Anonymous said...

How funny!!!

Are they going to join and become little 4-H'ers????

You have a couple of great clubs in Minster.