Monday, January 19, 2009

The UPS man delivered a much anticipated pair of shoes for Grace today. She's to be the flower girl in her cousin's wedding in a couple weeks, and needed ivory shoes to go with the dress that was ordered. Unfortunately, in trying to save a dime, I opted to pick up a pair on my own, rather than purchase them from the bridal store. (What was I thinking?! You can't find ivory shoes in January!!) Anyhow, with time running out, as we need the shoes to finish alterations on the dress, we finally located a pair online. (And no, didn't save a dime!) Lesson learned.
As we unpacked them today, I was frustrated to find that while they fit perfect, and looked beautiful, the fancy little buckle of one shoe was missing a couple rhinestones. Not major, but come on, they're supposed to be new. No time to return them, so we'll just take the loss.
Grace would not be discouraged though. As I mumbled my frustrations and packed them back in the box for safe-keeping, she consoled me. "It's okay mom. They have a nice clip-clop sound when I walk in them, and that's what really makes them WONDERFUL!"


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

C'mon, mom, the "clip=clop" sound is just so darn important when walking on hard floors!!

Too Cute!