Thursday, January 29, 2009

to recap the day

Okay, I nearly broke a few times as far as the tv goes. Arguments from 8 and 9 year olds like "Mom, Charlie stole some of my Lincoln Logs," or "Rose keeps looking at me!" start to wear me down. But, just as I'm ready to pop in a movie that will keep the little ones singing their "a,b,c's" in peace, I see brothers lining up Rescue Heroes atop Lincoln Log cabins, while Indians take their place behind the Little People Race Track ready to attack. Sisters are starting a session of "school" or "secretary" (whichever takes more crayons and papers) and all is right with the world. The youngest 4 eventually settled in for afternoon naps, and I actually got my gray roots colored to their natural brown again.

Yep, all is right with the world.

We're on for a 2 hour delay already tomorrow. Hoping the buses can safely make it out to get the kiddies to school. Older ones are getting bored....not sure how much longer I can expect the niceties to last.


Anonymous said...

I feel for you, Jamie--just received that call from the schools, another day off! I'm impressed about the kids not watching TV--I can just see my kids' brain being drained as we speek.

What in the world is today going to bring us?? Frustation or excitement? stress or relaxation?

Maybe a trip to Sidney to see grndma/grandpa?

I'll pray for you if you pray for me! ;)

Anonymous said...

Boy, I can see that my brain is being drained, too--my spelling looks as though it needs some work!

jamie said...

thanks Amy. Definitely praying for all of us homebound. A friend of mine babysits, and must have had quite a houseful of extras yesterday. I was thinking a trip out somewhere too, just not sure how bad the roads really are.

We'll see what the day brings. As for your spelling, I didn't even notice first time through...I've been reading too many creations by third graders I mind just fills in the gaps without even noticing! (ok, my brain's fried too!! Who am I trying to kid?!)