Monday, January 26, 2009

whoop, there it is...not.

I had three of the little ones to the doctor today, concerned they might have of all things, whooping cough. Turns out he doesn't think so, thank goodness. But 2 of them left with antibiotics none the less.
It's a challenge I think to know when to bring your kids in to the doctor. I tend to be one to try to wait things out, as long as possible. I can count on one hand the number of antibiotics that have been in this house for all ten kids combined. We've had some pretty nasty coughs, lasting for some time now though, so it was time to get some relief. Of course, the kids acted perfectly well for the doctor...laughing & carrying on like nothing's wrong. Why does that make me feel guilty?! Anyhow, glad they've been evaluated, are getting treatment, and hope to all be sleeping through the night again soon!


Kurt H said...

What, the Vicks wasn't working anymore? (Or was that just for John's benefit?)

jamie said...

I'm thinking Vicks could be used in colaberation with NFP. I slept perfectly on my side. (John can't stand the smell). ;)
Unfortunately, it didn't help with the kiddos much.

Barb said...

I hope everyone is better soon!!
I've always hated playing the guessing game as to when to go the doctor. It seemed so many times that they started to feel better as soon as they got there.