Friday, January 16, 2009

making the day special

I'm not a perfect mom. I'll be the first to admit that, without hesitation. I've said more than my share of things that could certainly be enough to send any of the kids needing therapy someday.

On that note, I realize too, that having a large family makes it necessary for me to pay attention. "Look alive!" if you will. It wouldn't be so difficult for me to let any of the kids at any given time "slip through the cracks." I really do make an effort to make special times with all of the kids individually to ensure this doesn't happen. Today, Mary got some attention. She wanted rollers in her we let the laundry slip by and did it. She looks beautiful doesn't she?! The other girls teased her a bit about the big curls. Just jealous, cause I'd only let Mary have them today.

(Yes, Grace. Tomorrow can be your day!)


Anonymous said...

She does look absolutely beautiful!!

Your post reminds me about a post that I read months ago about a mom who wanted to put her daughter's hair up in rollers. That morning she washed her daughter's hair and put them up--but, she didn't let the hair dry. She admitted ignorance! That post still makes me smile. I've just always assumed that everyone knew that hair needs to dry before taking curlers out. :)

You did a great job with her hair!

Barb said...

She's beautiful!!!

Anonymous said...

So Cute. I remember my mom doing that to me for Easter. I had to sleep in the curlers. The curlers were soft. I liked having curly hair.