Friday, January 30, 2009

It helps some days to have a plan

When the home phone and cell phone rang simultaneously at 7:53 this morning, I knew immediately it was our school's call system reporting school was closed again. I didn't even bother getting the phone. Mary answered it, and in her usual message-taking style broke the news to me "Mom, it was Minster somethin' somethin'. I think it's closed." Enough said.

Today, I needed a plan. I'm not sure any of us could handle another day of "life on the prairie," and I'm sure manners and pleasantries were wearing thin. We need to get out. After breakfast, I called the local bowling alley, to see if they would have us. They were open, Thank you Lord!

I announced our plan to the kids, and they were willing to move mountains to assure we got there. Our Saturday cleaning (for the most part) was done by 10, beds made, rooms straightened, dusted, vaccumed. It was a wonderful morning. Mom joined us for bowling, and later my brother and his family, and even my dad met us as well. Turns out everyone was tired of being couped up. We had pizza for lunch and got home just in time to start afternoon naps.

Who knows what the rest of the day might bring. I'm grateful for a wonderful start though. I've got a lasagna thawing for supper, and made a pan of brownies as well. I know it must be God's hand moving the day along so smoothely, and I'm grateful for His help.

Now with our basic cleaning done a day early, I'll have to come up with some "above and beyond" projects to fill our morning tomorrow. Hmmm....what will another day bring?


Anonymous said...

I wish I'd thought of the bowling alley today! My kids are going stir-crazy. Their Mom (me) is going just plain CRAZY!

I found a great website for kids crafts and great family ideas and's helped keep my kids busy with new easy craft ideas on many-a-day! Maybe you could find some fun things to keep your little ones busy tomorrow!

Hope you find it helpful!

Kathryn said...

Great idea! We love to bowl and had been snowed and sicked in for a while, I may borrow this idea!