Thursday, January 8, 2009

loving the small town life...

For many reasons, I love small town living. But this latest reason had me laughing out loud last night...something we can always use more of.

A couple months back I wrote here about the new thermometer I'd purchased at Walmart. It's one of the new forehead scanners that gives accurate readings instantly. (and YES IT WORKS!)
Anyhow, the $5 rebate check I'd also mentioned arrived in the mail this week, so I signed it and sent it with John while he was out running errands yesterday. It did say "no 3rd party...blah, blah blah" on the back, but I figured no one at the bank would question it. Well, wrong...they did. Apparently someone "not from here" was working the counter, and didn't feel comfortable cashing the check, so she wanted to check with her manager. I know...just doing her job! Meanwhile, "Sarah," (name changed for anonymity ;') another teller at the bank walked by with a friendly "Hi John!" The first teller questioned her about the check, as John shrugged an aplogetic "it's just a rebate check for a thermometer of all things..." Sarah, without missing a beat, added "Oh, the forehead one (making a swiping motion over her forehead)...I read about it on Jamie's blog!"
She then mumbled to teller one to go ahead and cash the would be fine.

Only in a small town! I love it!!!

(and by the way, I never did get my $5. Darnit...who can you trust these days?!)


Father Schnippel said...

I'm sure John's going to use the $5 to get you something nice! ;)

Unknown said...

forget it father, it is gone... probably in his gas tank.

Jamie, btw, blogging again check my profile.

Barb said...

I'm thinking about you today, Jamie, and hope that all has gone as well as possible. I know how difficult it is.
God bless..

Kurt H said...

I've often thought that the bad thing about small town life is that everyone knows your business. Paradoxically, the good thing about small town life is that everyone knows your business.