Monday, September 22, 2008

Who's your daddy?

Sam asked a funny question the other that I think had been working on him for some time. "Mom, when I get old, who will my Dad be?" I laughed at first, but then I realized it was important to him. "What do you mean Sam?" He continued on. "Well, Dad's dad is Grandpa Schmiesing and your dad is Grandpa what grandpa will be my dad when I get older?" Hmm. What there little minds don't think of?! It took a bit of explaining, that he would always have the same Dad, and that they'd just get older together. That dad "turns into" grandpa when the kids have kids. It was a fun little conversation. And he seemed incredibly relieved that he wouldn't be trading his own dad in on an older model a little trip to the "Grandpa's-R-Us" store. Funny. You just never know where conversation's gonna take ya.

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Anonymous said...

Your house is the BEST house on our block!! I want to move in right next door--it's for sale!

When I picked up Alice there was a child in the front yard a few in the back and 2-3 neighbors who were coming to visit!!