Friday, September 5, 2008

friday night football

We're fortunate to live near enough to the school (and the football stadium) to walk to the games. Most of the time we don't buy tickets...seems wateful when we're pretty certain that at least 6 of the kids would be ready to leave by then end of the first quarter. But John gets Friday night football fever. He says the hair on his arms raise up when the players come out of their locker rooms. Despite 20 years out of high school now, he still "has it in his blood." I don't get it. But, I play along. The kids get all decked out in their orange and black, and of course every year he digs his old jerseys out of the hall closet. The kids love this, and fight over who's turn it is to wear them. We load up the wagons and strollers, and walk down for kickoff. We stand outside the fence where the kids can run and play, and pass a football of their own. Of course the marching band is a highlight for the little ones. Tonight we made it to half-time before the older ones were bored and the younger ones were in tears. Not bad.
Okay, I do enjoy the game, but I think more, I like that it means cooler weather and pumpkins, Oktobetfest, and all the goodness that fall brings. Definitely no hair sticking up on my arms though. Guess ya had to play the game. Maybe someday when one of my boys takes the field, I'll get the goosebumps, but for now...not so much.

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