Saturday, September 13, 2008

a saint, or no??

My mom and I had an interesting conversation this morning, about the "sainthood" of St. Christopher. She suggested that he was in fact not a saint. What?! How could this be. My dad and brothers (all military) have always worn a St. Christopher medal...the patron of travelers. I think John even has a St. Christopher medal in his truck. How could he not be a saint. What's a person to do?! I googled him. And according to one site I found (Catholic encyclopedia, I think) St. Chris, along with many other early saints, was found to be perhaps more legend than real person. So his feast day was removed from the official calendar. His cult was not suppressed as in the case of some saints (like St. Ursula), so in some local parishes and diocese, his feast day is still celebrated. So, is he a saint, or no? Does this mean, if he was proven to exist he would be saintworthy, but since he's a myth, it's been revoked?
Anyone care to shed some light on this? I feel swindled. Dad gave me a St. Christopher medal for Christmas one year (or maybe he talked John into getting me one.) Either way, I always thought it was a nice connection with my dad and brothers who always wore theirs. Now what?
I'm also interested in knowing which other popular saints may have been "mythed."

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