Thursday, September 4, 2008

today's cheap entertainment brief:

There's always something cooky going on around can count on it. Tonight was no disappointment. The kids (all 10 of them...Little Lucy hangin out in her exersaucer) had convened in the front yard this evening along with about 6 or 7 neighbor kids. Mission: swatting at dragonflys. What?! For some reason there was a swarm of dragonflys circling and dive-bombing over our front yard. Nobody else's yard...just ours. They were flying very low to the ground to avoid the swarm of 20-30 swallows that were circling higher in the sky above them, waiting to prey on them. It was the most bizarre sight...all these circling swarming things. It inspired the kids to come out with tennis rackets, badminton rackets and whatever else they could find to swat at all the flying targets. Needless to say to unsuspecting folks driving by, the kids must have looked like a bunch of looney birds dancing around swatting into the air (and hitting nothing.) It was hilarious. John and I took our usual places on the front porch, just taking it all in. The dance seemed to last a good 15-20 minutes, and when the big kids were tired out, the little kids took over. Rose would just make the sound "hay-yah!" and jump, never actually swinging the racket which was twice her size. When the dragonflys and swallows drifted away (had their fill of laughs, I guess.) the kids moved on to scooters and bicycles, and had their own little parade down the sidewalk, waving little American flags all the way...too cute.
I'm tellin' ya, I can't imagine life without all these crazy kids. What on earth did we ever do for entertainment?!

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