Saturday, September 13, 2008


Tonight it was a girls night out. And unlike last night's g.n.o. which involved 5 young girls and their mom getting groceries at Walmart. Tonight's g.n.o. was adults only. My mom and one of her sisters, my cousin, and myself went out for dinner and toured a few of the fine establishments surrounding the beautiful Indian Lake. It is so good to just laugh...and eating, and cold beverages are good too. But know, belly-laughing is good for the soul!
Each year a handful of the women in my mom's family take a summer trip together. For a few years it was a houseboat at Norris Lake in Tennessee. Then it was a floating house, and next year, the plan is to find something much closer to home. I've only been on a couple of the trips. As our family has grown it's been too difficult to get away. Maybe next year. So, tonight (in the name of research) we went touring the area of Indian Lake. Our plan was to scope out some rentals we'd seen online. Turns out we found a nice one right off, so were able to celebrate the "good hunt" by checking out the local nightlife. Very fun. Not to worry, I was in by 10 (and still managed to see most of the kids off to bed.) I'm so grateful for John being a good sport about it. I look forward to times when it's easier for the two of us to get out alone. It will come....