Sunday, September 28, 2008

a view from our pew.

Sunday mass had extra special meaning today, as it was the debut performance of Alice and Emma singing in the childrens choir. Not only was I immensely proud of their raw singing talent, but more importantly humbled to be presenting these children to Christ here in church. After all those years of prayer, begging to be a mother, and promising to do my best to "raise them up in Christ" here we were. Their first service for the church. Or at least their first long-term commitment to the church. Each time they choose to fill an envelope (with a few pennies, nickels, dimes, whatever), each time they put on their Sunday best, each time they enter that line to receive Jesus in the Eucharist, and now each time they raise their voices in song, I am humbled that God has entrusted these precious gifts to me. Thank you God for hearing and anwering my prayers!!
As the girls sang today "It's a miracle just to know, God is with me wherever I go. It's a miracle just to see, that he can make a miracle of me!"

oh, and on a side note, Charlie was "busy" as usual...we had a guest speaker appealing to our church for donations to help support Radio Maria (a catholic radio network that has a station in our area). Anyhow, the speaker introduces himself as "John" and Charlie proceeds to holler out "Hi John!" at the top of his lungs (several times). Always the kind greeter.

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only one said...

Wish I was there to view all of the above. Pride, love and joy in the voices of the children. All of them. Have a wonderful week. What a great way to start, by singing to the Lord.