Thursday, September 18, 2008

how do you like them apples?

Tonight John took the kids to the park (with the exception of 3 who were playing at the neighbors) so that mom and I could get peelin' on some apples. A woman from our church called to share some apples that she cleaned up after her neighbors tree was lost in the wind storm last weekend. I thought she might have just a few, but when we went to get them, there were buckets and buckets of them! I shared half with my sister-in-law who also cans, but the rest are here waiting for me. So this evening, with mom's help peeling, we made our way through 2 of the 5-gallon buckets. It seemed to go so much faster with help, and good conversation. I look forward to when the girls are just a little older to make quick work of jobs like these.

Anyhow, by the time John and the kids got home, we were nearly done preparing the apples, so mom headed home, and I started cooking. I found a great recipe for freezing apple pie filling. The smell of cinnamon, sugar and apples has the house smelling wonderful! I made enough for more than 10 pies. Hopefully tomorrow I'll get some more done. I hate to see all that beautiful fruit go to waste. Again I'm grateful for God's providence, and the kindness of others to share their bounty.

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Mary said...

What a great post title! I'm so glad you like the pie filling recipe, good old Taste of Home, huh!

This has been a great year for the apple trees! We've had three different sources passing along their apples to us, which means triple the varieties. Just today we got three more crates and a huge washtub-like tote FULL of apples from a new source. When I get tired of making pie filling and applesauce, I'm going to slice them horizontally and dry them in the oven for dried apple swags and wreaths. I did that one year and they were SO gorgeous strung on raffia with cinnamon sticks and cranberries! If you spray the finished apple slices with clear acrylic sealer, they last at least 3 years--they did for me anyway. I hated to take them down, but I'd also put dried orange slices on the swag, and they were showing spots of mildew. Too much condensation on our old farm house windows, I guess!

Happy apple-ing! Btw, homemade applesauce is sooo easy. Just peel and slice your apples, and cook them in water till they feel soft (around 15 minutes, depending on the variety)...then drain off most of the liquid, but not all, and smash them with a potato masher. Add sugar to taste and cinnamon...and for a special treat, add cinnamon red hot candies while the apples are hot and mash them into the apples. This is chunky applesauce at its best! Mmm! If you prefer, blend it in a blender.