Tuesday, September 9, 2008

from the sidelines...

A good friend e-mailed recently and shared her thoughts about an earlier post I did on high school football
Her thoughts helped me to rethink the love some men have for the sport, and maybe to even understand the goosebumps that go along with it. (I'm trying to get it.)

She says: "...regarding the game of football. Just like you said, I don't get it either.....why boys want to play that game, I have no idea. But let me tell you, when you see how hard they work at practices and then when you see your son out on the field and the team huddles in and they raise their helmets together in the center, it really hits the heart. You see them come home day after day beaten and exhausted, and you wondering to yourself why? Is it really worth it? They have a desire and dedication to something I will never understand. I have found that it makes them stronger from the inside out. It makes them part of a team that works so hard day in and day out for a true love of the game. I only hope my boys will remain that strong and dedicated to their faith in the years to come. So here's to you......mother of those one day boys out on the football field. I promise it will touch your heart and you will be a proud momma!!"

Thanks Deb. I look forward to it.

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only one said...

Our son isn't into football, but he sure has a love for Special Olympics softball. Everytime he takes the field and responds to the SO pledge "Let me win, but if I can not win, let me be brave in the attempt." I get goosebumps and become even more proud of him. Those goosebumps will come, along with your breath being taken away, when he doesn't get up as fast as you think he should, then replaced with a huge smile when he does get up to make the next great play. Have a blessed day.