Friday, May 22, 2009

a strange quiet

It's a strange phenomenon called "sleep-overs" that has taken not one, but SEVEN of my kids from me tonight. Nothing like this has ever happened before on such a grand scale. Alice, Emma and Sam were invited for the weekend to visit their Aunt and Uncle in Sandusky...gone till Sunday. This afternoon we watched my neice for an hour, and when her parents came to pick her up, they snatched up Grace and Mary as well for a sleepover tonight. And Grandma and Grandpa called to see if John and Charlie might want to spend the night there. (They try to rotate having the kids stay overnight in pairs, this is Charlie's first outing.)
John's at work, so that leaves me here this evening with just the 3 youngest. We went to McDonalds (ate there, even...not drive-thru) and ordered Happy Meals (a major splurge!) What a fun evening. Frank and Rose and I enjoyed snuggling on the couch a bit after Lucy was asleep. They usually don't get much lap time with mom at bedtime anymore. What a rare treat, indeed!


Anonymous said...

Alright--I'm coming over!! ;)

jamie said...

oh good. Could you bring your iron and ironing board. I'm working on laundry and ironing tonight. (almost done.) Friday night, midnight...oh my how things have changed over the years.

MJ said...

We are in Marblehead not far from Sandusky. My boys are 21 and 23 and are here with us. What a rare treat to have the whole family together. Wish they were young again. So many memories from here!!