Monday, May 11, 2009

care to know what your child's been up to lately?

...grab a baseball and mitt, and prepare to get an earfull!
Sam was complaining after school today, that he'd have to wait till Saturday to play pitch and catch again with Dad. True, with John's evening schedule, weekends are his only time with the school kids. Sam continued on about needing practice, so I interrupted him with a "What am I? Chopped liver?" He smiled reluctantly and headed outside to find something to do. I popped supper into the oven, and found 15 minutes free. I followed him out, threw him his mitt, and started tossing the ball with him. I learned several things...his baseball skills have improved immensely since last season, mine have declined, and that boy can talk! I learned more about what's going on in his world in 15 minutes of pitch-and-catch than I've heard him discuss in months. It was wonderful. The rest of the kids were playing outside anyways, and even Frank put a little mitt on and tried to participate. Sam was a good sport about sharing his time. The best spent 15 minutes of the day, I must say.
Thank you Lord, for allowing us those moments in time.


Anonymous said...

Yeah boys don't normally sit around the table and talk. Or spill their guts while riding in a car but give them an activity and start asking general questions, and you can find out a lot.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the stories that inspire us to do the same with our boys!