Wednesday, May 20, 2009

planting season

Okay, I'm later than most people in getting my garden out...but it's coming. I just love this time of year when the yard is coming alive with beauty. All the trees are thick with green now, the Clematis and Irises are in full bloom, even the miniature roses are close to opening up. The grape vine and Knock-Out roses are fairing well, and the daisies and other perennials are all showing hope of returning to full glory later in the summer. I planted some zinnias and sunflower seeds yesterday...two of my favorite fun, colorful (low-maintenance) flowers. I hope they come in as well as last year.
And now...the garden. I sliced up a tomato (if one could call it that) from the store yesterday. It was flavorless, and more like eating cardboard than anything delicious. It left me longing for August when real, juicy tomatoes and other wonderful garden goodies are ready for picking. This year we're planting 6 tomato plants (of 2 varieties), 3 pepper varieties, red onions, yellow onions, lettuce, zucchini, pumpkins, and small green onions to start. My garden space isn't big enough for sweet corn, so I typically buy that in large quantities from a local farmer for freezing. (Last year it was 14 dozen ears I think).
Prayers to St. Isadore (patron of farmers), who's feast day was last week, for another bounteous growing season!


Anonymous said...

I'll tell you what, Jamie--you come to my house and plant a garden for me and I'll go to your house and clean all day. I hate gardens that much!!! :b
Good luck with your veggies--did I mention that I'm allergic to veggies? ;)

Tania said...

Oh Jamie - you would be a fool to pass up that opportunity!!! How comes I have never gotten an offer like that???

jamie said...

Amy, I just put my shovel in the back of the van. I'll stop by later with some seeds. When can you get started here?!

(you were serious, right?!)