Sunday, May 17, 2009

rockin' and rollin'

These two cuties enjoy some time atop the rock that just landed in our front yard. If you look closely, you'd see the rock is engraved "Jamie 1981."
This darn thing has been following me for 27 years now. When I was just nine years old, this rock sat in the front yard of my parents home. Each time dad would mow, he'd elect one of us kids to trim the grass around the rock. After much arguing, he etched my name and the year proclaiming "It's your rock, now you trim around it." (How lucky is that?!)
Anyhow, when John and I bought our first home, the rock showed up in our yard one day thanks to my brother and a fork-lift he'd borrowed from work. My parents had long since moved away from the home with the rock, but my brother had talked with the new owner, who agreed to part with it.
Once again, three years after living in this home, the rock finds it's way back into my life.
I have 2 nine-year-olds now. I'm wondering if I should flip a coin to see who's is the next name to be carved in the rock, and who will earn the title of official weed-trimmer around the rock. And heaven forbid, it should land in their yard one day.

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