Sunday, May 31, 2009

on "sleeping in"

In the wee morning hours (around 1:30am to be more exact) I held young Charlie as he breathed in yet another nebulizer treatment for the tightness and wheezing in his chest. (allergies? not sure, he has the episodes just once or twice a year) Anyhow, as I was putting him back to bed I mentioned he should try to "sleep in" in the morning.
"Sleep in what, mom?" he asked curiously.
I laughed deliriously.

(guess it doesn't sound as funny now.)

BTW~ he's doing much better today already. Think we nipped it in the bud with those few treatments.


blessed to be a Mom said...

Does he have fever with the breathing difficulty? I wish I were a nurse and could figure all these things out. Ethan has been coughing a "junky" cough and I believe he has allergies. He hasn't had a fever. I always get a little paranoid since he was in the hospital one time with reactive airway disease.

Anonymous said...

My son had bronchialitis when he was younger...every time he got the tiniest of colds, he'd end up wheezing and havng trouble getting enough air. Our doctor put him on singulair to help him get deeper breaths and stretch his bronchial tube. I was skeptical at first, but it really seemed to help and we haven't had to use that old nebulizer but once since. He was 2 1/2 when we first noticed it and he's now 5 1/2. We only give him the singular now when he seems to need it (dark circles under his eyes, can't kick a runny nose). We figure he has seasonal allergies but he hasn't been professionaly diagnosed with it. I hope Charlie is feeling those treatments isn't much fun, is it?!! Hopefully he's better about it than my son was!

jamie said...

sounds very similar anon. When the other kids get a common cold, his symptoms would go immediately to the wheezing, tight cough, rapid breathing. I think he was first treated for bronchiolitis about the age of 1 1/2 or 2, and we got refills on his prescriptions then, that have lasted us. Just ran out with this last bout tho, so I think if he has another episode, it's time to revisit the doc, and see what a better plan of attack would be. I have to say, he gets such relief from his nebulizer that he begs for it when he needs it, and does really great with it. Thank goodness for that much.

Anon (aka 4prettybabies) said...

I'm glad that he doesn't fight you when giving him the treatments. Since my son was so young when we first had to start giving them, he didn't like the mask and it would take two of us to give him the treatments.

Did they ever give you other medication to help him? Our doctor gave us some type of steriod that we were supposed to give him 3 teaspoons of. Not only was that a lot to get him to drink, but it tasted disgusting and he'd throw it all up! UGH! Then you don't know how much they actually drank and how much came back up. Needless to say, the singulair was a God-send. It actually saved us money in the long run and came in chewable tablets that actually taste good.

I hope you find what works for Charlie and that he eventually grows out of needing to take anything.

P.S. Our son always breathed rather shallowly, even as a baby. Do you notice this with Charlie? The Doctor told us that his bronchial tube must be smaller and that the Singulair would allow him to take deeper breaths, stretching the bronchial tube. He said the earlier it is treated the better because as they age, their bronchial tubes may not be stretched as easily. I don't know if this helps or not, but I just wanted to let you know!!!