Saturday, May 2, 2009

celebrating small successes


Okay, it's not Thursday (which happens to be the day over at Faith and Family on which they ask readers to share in small successes) but I'm working hard here, the results never last long, so I just wanted to do my little happy dance with you all! I'm high-fiving myself over the fact that I've just scrubbed my kitchen top to bottom...even behind/under/around major appliances!! Yeah me. Like I said though, it never lasts just wanted to gloat.
Tomorrow's Sam's First Communion, and the kids know if mom's cleaning like this, there must be something special going on. What could be more special than receiving Jesus?! Fr. Kyle (of Called By Name) has a neice receiving her First Communion here as well, and we're glad to be having him concelebrate the mass along side our own parish priest, Fr. Rick. It looks as if the rain is going to hold off, and sun will indeed shine, so we're planning a nice barbecue outside...didn't even need to clean my kitchen! (oh, but I did.)
Have a lovely weekend everyone!


Anonymous said...

Congratulations to Sam. I hope it is a very special day for him.

Good for you for the great weather! What are you serving?

Anonymous said...

I'm doing the "happy dance" with you!! Just double checked the weather, and it's gonna' be partly sunny and upper 60's. Woohoo!!! What a beautiful day all around, for Sam. (Yup, your kitchen "squeaked" when I walked thru last was THAT clean!!)

one hip grandma

Anonymous said...

Whew...what a weekend. I wasn't sure if the kids would even like me after all the cleaning I made them do! Closets, containers, toy boxes, drawers, under beds and cubby holes were all emptied, reorganized and lots of junk thrown away. Then came the sweeping, dusting and was so much work, but I feel like I had the cleanest house in Minster (for about an hour)! Then the weather completly cooperated and no one even saw the basement or the upstairs, it was worth it though. The ceremony was beautiful, the kids so cute and visiting with family after a joy. Happy First Communion 2nd graders!

Amy Luthman