Monday, May 4, 2009

simple supper

The weather's warming, John's working evenings, and the kids want to be outside as much as possible. Factor in my inablity to decide on "what's for dinner?" and it all boils down to this...simple supper. I'm almost embarassed to admit what we had for dinner tonight...but I will. Simple supper: this translates into non-heated, hardly any dishes required, finger-food. Tonight it was peanut butter on saltine crackers, raisins, cantaloupe wedges, granola bars; eaten on paper plates at the picnic table where the birds and ants will happily finish what's left behind in the grass. Everyone's happy, I'm thrilled. (For a late snack, leftover cake from yesterday's festivities.)
Fear not, I'm putting a bit more thought into lunch for tomorrow, when John will be here to enjoy it.

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Jeannee said...

YUM! What time am I expected ;>

And congratulations to Sam! What a wonderful family celebration you guys had!