Friday, May 15, 2009

and another "big girl"

Grace Elizabeth graduated from Kindergarten today. She's growing up faster than I'd like. I must admit, she appeared to be made for the stage as her class of 15 entertained us with a handful of cute songs and skits.

Here she is, entering the gymnasium to receive her diploma...

...and later at home. It's official. The diploma is signed!

...and with classmate and cousin Phil


♥ Joanna said...

congratulations to your beautiful daughter!

Anonymous said...

Ok, ok too cute--but I have to comment about her dress. My dear Miss Catherine has the exact same one.

If Alice/Emma ever wants to be twins with Grace just let me know! ;)

4prettybabies said...

What a cutie...and so TALL! It never ceases to amaze me how all these "little" moments feel so BIG to us Moms! Chokes me up every single time! Congrats to your sweet girl!