Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers Day 2009

A few years back, a woman from our church delivered a hot meal to our home after the arrival of our first children, twins Alice and Emma. Included with the meal was the following "Mother's Mission" statement. This tattered paper has traveled with us as we've moved, and remains taped to my refrigerator as a beautiful reminder of the gift and responsiblity we call motherhood. I didn't know her well at the time, except by name, but funny that over the years we've come to be good friends. Thanks Amy. Do you remember?

A Mothers Mission

A mother's job is special
And carries strong demands.
With the molding of the little life
God places in her hands.

Though her life may not be glamorous,
The world will see her worth,
For 'tis true "The hands that rock the cradle
Are the hands that rule the earth."

To bring her children up in Christ,
Indeed is very much,
For the years will show her value
By the lives, their lives, will touch.
~R.K. Cecil


Anonymous said...

I do remember and I love that prayer--still have mine posted to my fridge--somewhere. I was a part of the "Elizabeth Ministry" which has then sizzled away in our parish. The prayer came from a mother in Sidney, then an NFP teacher, which I started to copy for the Elizabeth Ministry.
BTW: I have all of the books and supplies if anyone is interested in starting it back up.
Life is crazy...I didn't know you at all either but here we are!!

Anonymous said...

Amy, would that mother be Mary Schmiesing? I think April got the same prayer (on a small plaque) from her years back. We took to class from Mary and Harold, and feel blessed to have known them. Just curious...

Anonymous said...

Yes, it was Mary Schmiesing. Beautiful prayer from a beautiful woman!

jamie said...

must be something in the name :')