Thursday, May 28, 2009

dropping like flies

(the training wheels that is.)

Both John and Charlie found they could ride without them, after taking off on their sisters' 2-wheel bikes down the driveway, to the neighbors and back without batting an eye. I'm not sure they even realized what they'd done until they returned and saw the dumb-founded looks on mom and dad's faces. It was a matter of minutes till Dad grabbed a wrench from his tool box and removed the training wheels from the boys' bikes. They've stopped riding only to eat and sleep...I'm sure they'll be back out there peddling first thing in the morning.

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blessed to be a Mom said...

Were the girls as easy to get the training wheels away from? Emma is 7 and we are trying to work with her on riding with only 2 wheels, but she has absolutely no balance. I wonder if its because she doesn't have much upper body strength. Let me know if you have any suggestions!