Monday, May 4, 2009

God Bless Sam

...on his First Holy Communion.
There's something about a young man in a suit that melts a mom's heart. Hidden are the scraped knees, and bruised elbows. Hands and fingernails washed clean, made worthy to hold the most Sacred Body of Christ. Even his hair slicked just a little, like my Grandma did for all the boys on special occasions (without the Dippity-Do gel.) I still get a little misty-eyed just thinking about it again. We learned much in this past year, preparing for this special day, and all the Communions to come. I'm so proud and grateful that he's finally able to participate fully in the mass. Now, Sam...go forth, to love and serve the Lord!


Father Schnippel said...


It was a privelige to be able to administer the Sacrament to him for the first time.

(You didn't tell me that Taylor was in your class! That explains the sleepless nights you've had.)

jamie said...

Thank you Fr. Kyle!
In hindsight, I was kicking my butt for not getting a picture of you and Sam together...maybe if you could send a pic, I could "photoshop" you in...and perhaps even some hair for ya...then you'd be as pretty as Tania!

Anonymous said...

Oh now we both know he has a long way to go in the "pretty" department! He needs hair, then has to get it colored, eye brows waxed and the list goes on and on!

Anyways, Jamie are you going to be at May Crowning on Sunday? I am the same as you and was kicking myself for not getting a picture of you with Taylor! Let me know!

Thanks for all you did for their class - Taylor has truly enjoyed religion this year and talks about it every time she has it!

Kurt H said...

That doesn't look like the same boy who shows up on Thursday evenings to play dodgeball (OK, maybe it is the same impish grin)!

Anonymous said...

Oh yea, forgot - I knew their class was "girl heavy" but yesterday really made you realize how many more girls there are in that grade. It was like a sea of white with a speck of black here and there in the group picture. Those boys are in for a long ride!!!