Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Deo Gratias!

Praise be to God!
I can't think of her without spilling tears of joy. Prayers for baby Magdalena have been heard, and answered as she is home with her family after 3 months in the hospital!

Her story (in short): Magdalena Lucia is the 11th child born to a wonderful couple here in our hometown. Suspected to have Downs Syndrome, and diagnosed with a rare heart condition at birth, she was able to come home for just a few short days, when it was discovered she needed abdominal surgery (for a previously undetected intestinal blockage?) Anyhow, she spent 3 months in 2 different hospitals each more than an hour from home, with her mom remaining at her side. This left the rest of the siblings and papa at home, praying for miracles. The graces and love that outpoured have been inspiring to say the least. Our family here, joined many others each night at 9:oo pm (Magdalena's siblings' bedtime) in prayer, and asking our guardian angels to join with hers. Prayers for healing, and for their family to be together at home have been answered! We are so grateful for the gift of Magdalena and the goodness God has allowed so many to witness through her and her family. I am also grateful for her family sharing their struggles and successes with others through an online hospital website.
God is good! God is good!

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