Tuesday, September 1, 2009

good night gloves.

I just peeked in on the boys for the night. Everyone's resting well. I tucked in a few sheets/blankets, kissed a few foreheads and just as I was walking out I noticed something dark at the foot of Charlie's bed...two of them actually. They were too small to be stuffed animals, and he hadn't worn black socks today. Hmm. I began to cautiously reach for them when it dawned on me. These were the gloves he'd found out in the garage early this morning; a small pair of black football gloves that a neighbor boy had outgrown and donated to our boys to play with. Charlie wore them to play football at first. Later they were work gloves as we spent time weeding the flower beds this morning. They came off just long enough to eat lunch, and soon were worn to push tractors across the family room carpet. By late afternoon they were baseball gloves, sandbox gloves and even biking gloves. It was necessary to remove them for supper, but he was happy to report that "I don't even need to wash my hands mom, cause I had my gloves on!" Yep, bet they disinfect while you where them, I thought.
Anyhow, here he lays lost in peaceful sleep with those silly gloves waiting at his feet for the next big adventure. What will the morning bring?!

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