Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sorry Grandpa.

Dear Grandpa'
I LOVE coming to your house to visit with you. It seems you always have cool things within reach, and you never once put them up away from my little hands. I love that you're okay with me checking things out...and you seem to giggle a little when I do.
Today we stopped by to visit and you weren't home. So, while Dad was leaving a note on the table for you, we helped ourselves to some cookies (cause you never seem to mind that either) and then I spotted this really sweet puppy just waiting for some attention. I think he's super-cute, and didn't figure you'd mind if I carry him around a little bit. I bet he must have been a gift from someone very special. He looked like he wanted to be held. So, ummm. I did. And well, ummm. I dropped him.
Mom thinks the glue should be dry and we can return him tomorrow morning.
I think he's sad to have the tape around his head, but mom said it's helping the glue work to keep his ear on. I think he'll be all better soon.
I'm sorry Grandpa. I love you.


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Anonymous said...

Poor Spot!
You can bet the Bohman Boys are going to check out his new and improved ear when we're in town this weekend. Good luck on the glue job. At first glance at your picture, Jacob thought you made a Halloween costume for him--(and I thought it was a muzzle!) And we understand your love for him, Lucy--your cousin Kate always wants to be up close and personal with him, too! :)