Sunday, September 13, 2009

to be more specific

When I suggested to 3yr old Frank that he shouldn't wipe his face on his shirt, rather "Go wash up!" I meant, wash his face...not his shirt. I should have been more specific, I guess. So, I'm feeling a little bit guilty for his being reprimanded by Dad, who found him standing at a bathroom sink filled to the rim with water, and dunking the front of his shirt repeatedly like a woman doing laundry at the river.
Water was everywhere. John was upset, which would have been my reaction too, had I not known the vague instructions the little guy had just been given. Frank let the water out of the sink, mopped up the water (a bit) with the hand towel, and walked head-bowed, defeated, into the kitchen only to give me a look of "this is your fault mom, thanks." I felt horrible.
It didn't keep us all from giggling about it later though. God Bless our dear obedient boy.

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