Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Toothfairy's on Overtime!

We've been keeping that little pixie busy, for sure! Grace has had wiggly teeth for more than a month now, and last week I could stand the dangling participle no longer. One swift yank with a tissue, and out it came. Whew. (I know some can't stand it, but it's never bothered me to pull out a tooth when necessary....perhaps from when we were kids and would actually help each other with loose teeth. I had two brothers, and yes we used the string tied to a doorknob trick, and yes, it worked.)

Anyhow, Grace was pleased to find a quarter in exchange for the tooth she left under her pillow that night. She was even more tickled when her second tooth fell out on it's own during dinner that very next evening. Although it was a Friday night, and with the busy holiday weekend, football games, etc, the toothfairy needed a reminder note when she still didn't come around after the second night. Another quarter was soon on it's way.
Now tonight, little John turns up in the kitchen after washing up after dinner to announce, "Mom, I lost a tooth." What?! He didnt' have any loose that I was aware of. I'm not mentally prepared to see him with a toothless grin. I double-checked and sure enough, there's one missing. But where is the tooth? Who knows?! He just happened to notice the gap as he grinned in the mirror after dinner. The older kids were quick to start a search party looking for the missing tooth to no avail. We suspected perhaps he ate it. (strange, but possible) Finally at bedtime, as I sat on the edge of the tub as one by one, the young boys took their turns pottying and washing up, there I spotted it in the corner of the bathroom floor. One tiny little baby tooth, now bagged and waiting for the toothfairy to work her magic. (That is, if she doesn't forget.)


Martha said...

I can't believe John is losing baby teeth--and he's too cute in his new glasses! Yikes, these sweet kids are growing up fast! Thanks for squeezing in some time to post again--I love to read about your family!

Anonymous said...

I loved the reference to a "dangling participle"! Too cute! One trick I've used to remember the tooth fairy is to put the quarter under MY pillow earlier in the day - after the event happens. Then when I go to bed and find the quarter there, it serves as a reminder to wave the wand! I'm sure the tooth fairy will be quite busy at your house the next few years!

Amy said...

We (I should say I) are the worst tooth fairies...we forget for days on end. Gentle reminders from the one who lost the tooth finally serve as a reminder to get it done already!!! One of our kids "lost" a tooth the day before her 2nd birthday (fell off a chair and hit the table), we got so used to see that gap it seemed funny when a new tooth came in its place 5 years later! Oh, I'm glad to hear you are a quarter house too!

Beth said...

This made me laugh because I totally can son lost a tooth about a month ago and we never did find it! Let's just say he was eating spaghetti at the time and didn't even notice it was gone. (Yes, we think he swallowed it) Since this was his first tooth that he lost, I was sad to think he wouldn't have one to put under his pillow! I am one of those weird parents who save the kids' first baby teeth, so I simply took one of my 12-yr. old daughters (with her permission, of course) and told him it was his and that I found it in his spaghetti! Hahaha...the things we do for our kids! He bought it, hook, like and sinker. I found him later, brushing it with his toothbrush. When I asked him what he was doing, he said it was a little yellow...hmmmmm! Too many years in that little container didn't treat it well, I guess!

Oh, by the way, you aren't doing too bad if the toothfairy only forgets for a couple of nights...when I was pregnant (and very forgetful and tired), my oldest daughter's tooth remained under her pillow for over a WEEK! She finally asked me "Mom, is the toothfairy DEAD???!!!" Talk about feeling like a horrible parent! I told her no, the toothfairy is just sometimes very busy and can bet she came that night and left $1.00 and an apology note! ;) Hahaha...still makes me laugh to think of it!